Core Values & What We Believe

compass pointing to core valuesWe Believe…..

  • We will deliver more to our customers than what we have promised.
  • We will never just teach care, what a mistake. We will always accompany the teaching of care with the demonstration of authentic care.
  • We believe that there are three “bottom lines” that must remain in balance for us to sustain excellence. They are: The economic bottom line, the environmental bottom line, and the employee bottom line.
  • We believe that healthy friendships can and should be developed in the workplace.
  • We believe that along with excellence in hard work, our workplace will be filled with excitement, spontaneity and fun.
  • We believe that there must be a healthy balance between work and home life.
  • We believe that the greatest asset we possess is our people.
  • We believe that when (not if) one of us gets out of balance, for the good of that person and the team, care should be offered. If we do not know how to show care, we should ask.
  • We believe that everyone has equal value as a person. However, everyone has different roles to function in. Based upon those roles and responsibilities, compensation varies. It there are questions regarding roles and compensation, it is reasonable to ask for clarification.
  • We believe that for creativity to flow there are times when good products and policies must be thrown away. We also believe that for clarity and consistency to remain established mediocre products and policies must remain.
  • We believe our “product” must be exceptional in formation and execution. We will not copy others or compare ourselves to others. We can and will learn from others to grow as a team. We will try not to have competitors, only those who proclaim the same message.
  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the Owner of this organization. All the good that comes from Speicher & Associates, ultimately is His doing. We will not forget this.