Spectrum of Care Model


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Thelaptop and notbook Spectrum of Care Model has been used as the foundation for teaching in all the companies and can be used to assess culture in an organization, department, and even an individual.

We have proven that it is universal in all settings. We added a tool that allows employees to assess the culture of their organization by administrating a 18 point online questionnaire to assess where the company is on the Spectrum of Care™ from Chaotic – Cautious – Committed- Confident – Connected – Caring.

We have seen this tool assist in the creating an intentional plan to assist companies in the development of a healthy culture. We desire the tool to be used as a benchmark and then use every year to measure culture. Dr. David Speicher is the founder and creator of the Spectrum of Care™ Training and Assessment Program.

Spectrum of Care Assessment™ is designed to give an organization an in-depth study to ascertain empirical data relative to an organization’s true position on the Spectrum of Care. The Spectrum of Care™ is a continuum that represents the condition of organizations from a healthy state to a non-healthy state.