Climate and Culture Assessment

group of employees with clipboards

The goal of a Climate and Culture Assessment is to determine the status of the culture within an organization to determine steps to be taken to improve the culture to become more productive and profitable. To assist in the development of this survey. Each participant completes a survey that includes 48 questions where the instructions were to rate the question from 1 (not at all) to 10 (very much so) by clicking on their choice in an electronic survey.

Factors that Determine an Organization to be a Good Place to Work


  • Clearly defined expectations: Expectations of the technicians are clear and open to the employees with no surprises due to unknowns about what you are supposed to do which are high standards of performance and conduct with customers and due to this sense of structure, stability, consistency and lack of chaos this is a less stressful environment to work in (5)
  • Financially stable: Good, reasonable pay which is 1.5 higher pay than the competition with regular raises and annual bonuses and you have no fear that you have to protect yourself from being cheated due to bouncing paychecks etc. and having to defend the amount of work you have done on the job and nice to have direct deposit for my paycheck and not to have to worry about the money since the organization is financially stable and has a good reputation among the home services community for being a good paying organization and organization provides good benefits for medical, dental, vision at reasonable rates and a 401K plan
  • Commitment to training: The organization has a good training program in place which provides us the opportunity to get advanced training at the expense of the employer and it is willing to spend money and give us the time needed to get the training and schooling we need to do our jobs well. This training is not just limited to technical training but training of us as people as well. The organization demonstrates an interest in the personal development of us employees
  • Stability of organizational structure: Systematic setup of the organization which is well organized and structured and is a stable place to work since there is plenty of work to be done here to keep me working
  • Supportive and nurturing work environment: Organization caters to and takes care of its workers in a friendly atmosphere which lacks a cut throat attitude towards one another where your work ethic is rewarded and respected by the organization
  • Team and community building: Sense of security within the organization which has a well developed system of internal organization so that everybody knows everybody else and there is a family atmosphere in the organization with regular social activities to build a community spirit in the organization
  • Supports workers to focus on needs of customers: Way the company is run, very accommodating to the workers to get the parts they need with as little hassle as possible and it provides us the back up supplies to do our jobs and company makes the techs look good to the customers through their support to the techs through good communications to speed the response to customer requests
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service delivery: Company’s commitment to making the customers happy with tools provided to the techs to make this commitment happen and it expects you to take as much time with a customer to insure the customer satisfaction and you are provided enough time to provide quality services to customers and the organization encourages us to be honest with our customers.
  • Fair, ethical and consistent organization: That the organization is honest, ethical,  trustworthy and follows through with what they say they will offer you and the customers which demonstrates fairness towards its employees.
  • Playful work environment: It is a fun place to work
  • Clear reasonable organizational goals and vision: Worker do not feel burdened by the goals set for them by the organization since goals are reasonable and obtainable
  • Staff freedom to take time off: if we are sick  and to take personal time off or vacation time at any time during the year than being restricted to certain times
  • Low rate of staff turnover
  • Employee recognition: Provides us with the individual pat on the back on a regular basis


  • High character traits: loyal, respectful,  trustworthy, dependable and very reinforcing to employees
  • Responsive to needs of employees: Clear expectations and responsive to employees such as giving you time off when requesting it, understanding of the hardships which the workers face on the job and accepting of the realities of the workplace variables which impact the outcomes for workers
  • Good communicator: Communications of the owner with the employees are excellent so that they are on the same page and he is able to sell the staff on new ideas, processes and procedures (3)
  • Good motivational management style of the owner who is a leader and not just a technician and who can truly motivate and empower the staff (3)
  • Clear high expectations and standards: owner is very clear with high expectations with high standards of performance maintained for his employees and the organization and makes sure that things are in place to achieve them (3)
  • Vision and long term goals shared: Owner does a great job of sharing of the vision and long term goals so that both are clearly understood (2)
  • Vision driven not just profit driven: Not rushed to make more money, but rather to do the job (2)
  • Collaborative and not autocratic: Does not use coercion and intimidation to get us to get our jobs done and provides a laid back and relaxed working atmosphere (2)
  • Committed to Excellence of Customer Service: Committed to taking care of the customers with a commitment to excellence (2)
  • Honest, humble, and direct: Acknowledge mistakes and will make corrections and apologizes for the mistakes (1)
  • Committed to quality, innovation, and enhancement of services organization provides: Always trying to get things to change and willing to go the extra mile to improve the situation within the organization and not afraid to put money and resources into making the changes
  • Open to change: Ability to change and be flexible
  • Leadership succession plan in place: and well known in the organization


  • Good organizational and technical skills: Able to execute the calls and assign them to the right people and has the experience of having been there and done what the workers experience (3)
  • Good Communications skills: On the same page as the employees (3)
  • Flexible: Someone who understands that not every job comes right out of the textbook and is understanding about the time to execute a job well and are of accepting of the unexpected and respects technicians attempts at working on good customer satisfaction (3)
  • Mission driven: understanding that it is not all about the numbers even though we are taught that the numbers are all there is (3)
  • Empathic: to the workers’ experiences in the work place (3)
  • Fun: Gets workers to laugh and have a good taste in their mouths (3)
  • Delegates: Gives technicians the independence to do what is needed in the field without their needing to get back up from the managers (3)
  • Responsiveness: Jumps on the problem right away and is very responsive to requests (3)
  • Very decisive: workers get clear directions and messages without their need to try to figure out what was really being said (3)
  • Reinforcing: Works hard at catching workers doing good and rewards their initiative, hard work, and effort (3)



  • Team Player: Have a team player attitude so that we get along with one another with a sense of friendly competition and are committed to collaborative team work as the focus of the organization (4)
  • Openness: Willingness to learn, willing to listen, open to hearing what works on a job, open to asking for help and support if needed (4)
  • Knowledgeable: They share a common understanding and clarity of job responsibilities with each other so that the job gets done, and are willing to share tips with fellow workers about what works on the job and share stories from the field which help each other learn more about the work and they understand the entire operation of the organization even if they do not do specific tasks in the operation (4)
  • Collaborative: They contribute to a sense of support with one another and they work at getting along with one another and are willing to fit in to make the organization a great place to be by working with the system and not bucking the system so that everybody is on the same page as they collaborate with the leadership in the organization to fulfill the mission of the organization (4)
  • Dependable: Able to trust the skills of your fellow workers, because you can count on them to carry their own weight and not have others pick up their slack and they provide quality services to customers which supports co-workers efforts with the same customer in the future (2)
  • Customer service focused: They are willing to go the extra mile for customers
  • Shared ownership in vision of organization: They get the vision from ownership and share a common ownership of the goals of the organization and are not resistant to changes in the organizational structure and function (2)
  • Good communicators: They communicate well with coworkers and their managers and owner (2)
  • Self-directed: sees pay off for themselves in their contribution to the organization (2)


Customer markers for success of the organization’s Culture:

  • Customer loyalty: Repeat business and respect of the customers and the number of return customers who are satisfied with the work or our company and customer referrals (4)
  • Reputation as being reputable and dependable: Few customer complaints and customers see the big trucks get a sense that we are reputable and dependable and number of referrals and numbers of club memberships (4)
  • Straight forward pricing: which avoids conflicts with our customers and size of the average ticket (3)
  • Customer satisfaction with quality of work: based on closing ratios or booking ratio and low number of complaints and success of the organization in provision of the quality of service to their customers in compliance with the Franchise goals and directions (3)
  • Branding: With good marketing of the company in the community making organization well known (2)
  • Quality of customers: High end customers are attracted to our company due to the costs and quality of our services
  • Focus on customer satisfaction: Organization known for its acceptance and acknowledgement that the customer is always right
  • Appreciative customers: as measured by amount of spontaneous customer calls concerning their appreciation for good service and numbers of memorable calls received